VERDICT was founded in 1991 out of Germany. These guys have gone through some
changes over the years. They started out playing some very straight forward technical
Death metal music. They have added some other influences to their sound over the years.
The music itself has morphed in a crossover style of Thrash / Death Metal music, where
they combine elements from both genres. The guitars is where a lot of this is very
present. They will take you from an all out shredding guitar riff straight into a technical
Death Metal arrangement and then into a Progressive almost Power Metal style. The
drums tend to have a combination of both styles as well. They start out like a Thrash
Metal groove, going into some Death Metal blast and then adding in some change ups,
breakdowns and tempo changes. This is some of the best use of two great genres as well
as utilizing elements from both old and new school of the two genres. I really liked the
intricate guitar work with the off time changes and then the crushing shreds. The vocal
styling of Daniel Baptista is done in that groggy raspy Thrash Metal style that borders
on Death Metal growls.
VERDICT may be another band that has changed a lot over the
years, but all the changes have been for the better. They have that feel of
with the old school vibe of
OBITUARY & BOLT THROWER mixed with some
combined two of my favorite styles of Metal with such ease you would have thought
they created it themselves.
VERDICT is by far the best at playing this style and demand
every Metal heads attention. One extremely great album from beginning to end. Fans of
the above bands and Thrash & Death Metal in general will love this album!!!