VERILUN is a Black / Death Metal band hailing from Hungary that formed back in 2010.
The name
VERILUN is taken from the Hunnic language and means "Blood Moon". It is
also the Hunnish name for the planet Mars. These guys play a cold and harsh style of
Death Metal music that is heavily infused with Black Metal elements. Some of the song
arrangements make their sound lean more towards Black Metal at times. There is a
crushing old school European Black Metal vibe that goes back to when this style was just
being created. It seems like a lot of bands are now returning to the roots of the genres they
play and
VERILUN is one of the few that do it right. You would have thought these guys
started back in the early '90's by the sound of their music. They in no way sound dated,
they just sound like the killer bands that were all coming out back then. There is a
harshness to some of their style as well as some dirty grimy like Death Metal mixed in. I
this comes out more in the slower paced parts that have a bit of a Doom / Funeral like
vibe. The vocals are a bit of a mixture of the two styles, but tend to lean more towards a
hallowed and harsh Black Metal growl with some mid ranged throaty screams added.
These guys have really captured that old school vibe and sound really well and would be
able to stand tall against some bands from that era like
& GORGOROTH. If you have a taste for the old,
but want something new when it comes to Black Metal than look no further, because
VERILUN is all you will need!!!