Self Released

VIPER VENOM hails from Southern Italy and plays a mesh up of different Metal styles.
They mix in some elements of Thrash, Progressive, Modern & Traditional Heavy Metal
music. The majority of their sound is done in a Modern Metal style, but from there they
build off it and add in the other touches. The Thrash Metal comes into play mostly in the
guitar sound, but only in the faster more aggressive parts. The song structures and
arrangements is where the Progressive Metal can mostly be present. The Traditional Heavy
Metal comes in the rocking Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal sound that was pretty
dominate for most of the 80's. The vocal styling of Mariam In Chains definitely adds to the
bands unique sound. She has a gruff screaming style that reminded me of
mixed with some more melodic clean styles reminiscent of HEART and then
she throws in some mid ranged Thrash styled vocals.
VIPER VENOM definitely has an
original sound that will draw them many fans from all the above styles. Check 'em out!