Self Released
Coming to us via “the Metal spirit is truly universal” file is
Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Though originating in the small, remote country of
VOICE OF THE SOUL’s sound is far removed from what you might expect of a
band coming from a country without much a renowned Metal scene, at least to my
knowledge.  Inexperience or some form of studio-naivety is certainly NOT a problem here,
judging from this, their first full length following 3 EPs.  “CATACOMBS“, even being
released independently is as professional sounding as it is musically adept and tight. Both
technical and atmospheric, this band’s chops are on evident display.  Coming off much as
early 1990s era
DEATH (not surprisingly covering a DEATH track on one of their
previous EPs) coupled with the epic elements of
SEPTIC FLESH, via well utilized
keyboards and a really huge sound in general. Even passages reminiscent of Steve Roach
do nothing but further my impression of this release. An excellent mix, only multiplied by
the band’s obvious ability to write solid songs and play the holy hell out of them.  Writing
songs that keep the listener enthralled throughout, especially a jaded, often cynical listener
as this reviewer, is saying something, and that they do in droves. Fans of the
aforementioned acts and equally well written and executed atmospheric Death Metal in
general can’t lose with this one. For an independently released, debut, full length?  This
one defies logic as these fellows sound like seasoned pros.  Great work!!!

                                                                                          - (Reviewed by Keith Dempe)