Starring: Brian O'Halloran, Bryan Johnson, Jerry Lewkowitz, Ethan Suplee, Kevin Smith & more.

The main character of this film is a low budget party clown who hires himself out for birthday
parties. When he arrives at a party where the father has abused the mother & taken away to jail by
the police, he decides to take his clown act in another direction. He decides to be a bachelor S&M
clown. On his first job he gets attacked, beaten up & sexually molested by three guys. He goes into a
crazy depression & doesn't care about life anymore. He saves a little girl from her psycho father &
becomes famous. He gets his own TV show & more. Then his past comes back to haunt him, when
the 3 guys try to black mail him with a video tape of that night. He then tries to get his revenge &
kill those bastards! This is a little bit of a dark, bizarre & some what disturbing film at times, but it's
VIEW ASKEW film & I knew it would be this way!!!