Self Released

Straight out of Bluefield, Virginia comes the Metalcore band WAR TORN ANGEL.
These guys are a fairly young band in the Metalcore scene, but they don't sound like it.
They are a very tight and skilled band with some well structured and written Metalcore
songs. These guys add in some Post Hardcore to their sound as well to change things up a
bit. A lot of the Metalcore bands coming out now are doing this, but
does it better than most. I am not a big fan of the Post Hardcore scene, so I am a
bit picky when it comes to those bands. Luckily, these guys lean more towards the
Metalcore side of music. They have those killer breakdowns, grooves and change ups
mixed all within their songs. There are a lot of stop and start parts as well. They have that
really cool chugging guitar sound that then twists into a technical sounding Metal part.
The Post Hardcore mostly comes in the parts when they slow things down and get a bit
melodic sounding. This comes in the music as well as the vocals. The majority of the
vocals are done in a mid ranged throaty Death Metal growl style with some Hardcore
screaming. When they do slow things down the vocals get a bit melodic and are done in a
clean style. The scene is flooded with tons of Metalcore bands, so a lot of the really good
ones tend to get lost and
WAR TORN ANGEL is one of those bands. They are extremely
good and deliver the goods as far as Metalcore / Post Hardcore goes, but will probably not
get the proper attention they deserve, because the scene is saturated with too many bands
in this style. If you get a chance, check out this killer band!