WARFATHER is the new project from ex-MORBID ANGEL member Steve Tucker.
WARFATHER plays old school Death Metal music with mixtures of some more modern
and technical new school Death Metal elements. The does have a slight old
vibe at times from the era of when Steve fronted the band on three albums. The
music is hyper fast and has blast beats galore. They do add some crunchy and crushing
change ups and arrangements. These are where some of the more technical sounding or
Progressive sounding elements are present. They even add in some melodic arrangements
from time to time to break things up. The songs re well constructed and thought out and
kind of have a more advance style of brutal Death Metal. The vocals that Steve spews
forth are similar to his vocal styling in
MORBID ANGEL, but with some slight variety
and a nit more interesting. I was a big fan of Steve when he was in
but I think I really prefer his work in
WARFATHER, maybe because this is his own
project and vision, instead of stepping into the position of some one else. Steve has
created a massive new band and it will be huge if they keep putting out albums like
"ORCHESTRATING THE APOCALYPSE". One of the better release I've heard so far
this year!!!