WARNOT is a one man project hailing from Sweden and is the soul creation of Bjorn
Eliasson. Some people may know born from his first band in the 80's,
then later was a member of the Progressive Metal band
CLOUDSCAPE. Bjorn has created
his own Progressive Metal masterpiece in the form of
WARNOT. The music spans a lot of
Metal sub genres, but is main planted in Progressive Metal. The music takes influences from
Prog Rock, Power Metal, Speed & Thrash Metal and Traditional Heavy Metal. At times the
music goes into a fast paced Speed Metal passage and then will turn around into a slow
melodic crawl. The music has a strong atmospheric fantasy like vibe all through out with
lots of symphonic epic parts. The music reminded me of one of my favorite bands
RHAPSODY a lot. Bjorn's vocals also tend to hit a wide range of styles too. He centers the
majority of his vocals in a melodic Progressive Metal style with lots of Power Metal
influences. At times he will go a little deeper and almost into a Death Metal growl style and
even more melodic and gloomy almost Goth Metal sounds. Bjorn Eliasson really built a
name for himself in his first band and especially the great
is a true musical masterpiece. This guys is extremely talented and deserves much praise and
attention. It would be hard to out shine the work he did with
CLOUDSCAPE, but I think
he did it with
WARNOT & his first release "HIS BLOOD IS YOURS".