Self Released

Norwegian styled Black / Folk Metal from Madison, Wisconsin. That's right, Madison,
Wisconsin! Once you start listening to
WARSEID you would never think this is where they
are from. These guys play a very cool form of Norwegian Black Metal music heavily
infused with Folk Metal influences. The band was formed back in 2008 and have released
two demos and two EPs, "WHERE FATES LIE UNBOUND" being the newest one. These
guys pull off some really cold, harsh passages that comes through in the majority of
Scandinavian Black / Folk Metal bands music. They do have some very strong Epic / Viking
Metal atmospheric parts that are mixed through out their songs. They combined harsh
aggressive guitars with clean melodic sounding guitars. The vocals are also a mixture of
styles. There are some groggy Black Metal growls / screams mixed with clean melodic Folk
Metal vocals and some rough and powerful Viking Metal vocals. These guys are young, but
are clearly on their way to making a name for themselves in the Viking / Folk / Black Metal
scene if they keep putting out quality releases like "WHERE FATES LIE UNBOUND".
This is a must for fans of the combined bands sounds of
& VINTERSORG. I can't wait to see what WARSEID has to
offer next!