"GOATSPEL" is six tracks of Thrash and is not lacking any heavy quality. It's fast tight
Thrashing and it sounds very late 80's style of Thrash Metal, but with clean production.
You can hear every ping from the drummers kit, and the musicianship is a great
collaboration as a whole...there is some odd parts and that's what makes great Thrash
Metal and this band stands out. The guitar leads sounds slightly off key to give the
listener that off-tinge over the edge feel... It's not lack of talent - it's sheer demonic
possession... Brilliant axe work by Lorenzo Gagliardi and Andrea Collaro. If you are
looking Yingvee Malmsteen perfection? Don't bother, stick with
WARSTORM is a breath of fresh air of good ole Thrash Metal. Dirty and mean and
weird collaborations to make it interesting to old & new listeners. The vocals can be harsh
and thrashy to almost gutter 80's Punk...ala Crossover. I am a new fan! What a solid line
up, it works well for the finicky Thrasher such as my self....being a Metal fan since the


                                                        - Reviewed by Roddy Heybaker - Metal Enthusiast