Self Released

WHILE THE BURIED SLEEP is a five piece Metalcore band out of Indiana. The band
formed back in 2011 and "IN DEFEAT" is their debut release. These guys play a very
popular style of Metalcore, but they have a more East Coast style to their sound. There is
a bit more of a gritty and aggressive style to their music. They almost remind me of a lot of
the Metalcore bands from the New England area. There is a lot of groove infused into their
sound with some breakdowns and change ups all through out. They do have some stop
and start parts here and there as well. They add in some really cool Hardcore elements at
times, especially in the grooves and the gang chants in the vocals. At times the music will
get a little slower and more melodic and this is where the Post hardcore elements come
into play. There are some melodic vocals as well, but for the most part they are fast paced,
harsh Metalcore screams & growls. These guys are a very good young Metalcore band, but
I think the scene is so saturated with Metalcore & Deathcore bands these days, that these
guys will get lost in the sea of bands out there now. They are a lot better than most of the
others getting the attention. Check them out and decide for yourself!