The self professed "Bringers Of Heavy Metal Death", WITCHES MARK are back. These
guys formed back in 2005 from Austin, Texas and play Traditional Heavy Metal in a non
traditional way. These guys add in a lot of elements from Power / Speed / Thrash / Death /
Black / Doom Metal music to round out their sound. Sometimes one of these styles will
dominate, while at others they all blend together. The guitar work is where the Speed and
Thrash Metal are clearly present, from the fast paced riffing and the clean crisp shredding.
The drums is where most of the Death Metal would be present with a lot of blast and thick
pounding beats. The atmospheric and melodic parts is where the Black Metal influences
would surface. When they slow things down a little and add a bit of dirtiness is when
Doom Metal takes hold. The majority of the Power Metal influences would be in Robb
Bockman's vocals. He has a higher pitched and melodic Power Metal vocal style, with some
mid ranged ones tossed in, as well as some lower more gritty Thrash Metal vocals. These
guys are so well rounded by using a lot of Metal influences that just about every Metal fan
out there will find something they love about these guys!. This is a huge album to follow
up, so I can't wait to see what these guys conjure up for their next release!