WITH ALL THE RAGE was born in 2010 out of Italy and originally under the name
STINK FIST. "YESTERDAY...NOW...TOMORROW...EVER" is the bands first full length
album and the follow up to their 2011 demo release "A GOOD DAY TO DIE". These guys
play a really cool grooved out style of Metalcore music mixed with some Modern Thrash
Metal. The music is very tight, aggressive and technical sounding all while being very heavy
and brutal. They have a really strong Modern Metal sound. The guitar work is where you
hear a lot of the Thrash Metal influences, especially in the more shredding guitar dominated
parts. The bass is a really thick groove sound which I like a lot and they reminded me of
PRO-PAIN in that aspect. The drumming and the majority of the vocals is where the
Metalcore really comes into play. The vocals are done in a mid ranged thick Death growl
style, but they sometimes mix in melodic Thrash vocals. This is yet another great new band
out of Italy and on
SG RECORDS. It seems like the majority of the musical talent that
comes out of Italy ends up on
SG RECORDS. Check these guys out and crank their tunes!
Killer Modern Metalcore / Thrash Metal!!!