Self Released

WITH BURNING CONTEMPT is a killer Metal band based out of Virginia. These guys
like to keep things simple and raw. They play the kind of music they grew up on in the 80's
and some of the styles that grew out of the 80's. They are a mix Thrash / Black & Death
Metal music. These guys blend these styles with ease and don't over complicate things. The
band consists of two guys, Tim Gutierrez doing guitars & vocals & David Atkinson doing
bass. They did us Kevin Gutierrez as a session drummer. The music false heavily in the
middle of all these styles. Sometimes one style will dominate the others, but for the most part
it's balanced. The guitars have a bit of a noize or fuzz sound that reminds me of a lot of the
old school European Black Metal bands mixed with some late 80's styled Thrash Metal. The
drums are a mix of Thrash Metal & mid 90's Death Metal, while the vocals are done in a
harsh Death Metal growl style that leans a bit towards Black Metal. The best way to describe
these guys would be if
MOTORHEAD merged with TOXIC HOLOCAUST then joined
forces with
NUN SLAUGHTER & decided to play old school European Black Metal in the
vein of