WITHERING SOUL is a melodic Black Metal band from Chicago, Illinois. The band
was started by brothers Mykil (Vocals) and Krystofer (Guitars /Synths) back in 1999,
originally as a side project but quickly became a full band. They have gone through some
changes over the years with their sound. Early on they were more of a Black Metal /
Gothic Metal band, where now they are more of a melodic Black Metal band, but with
some Progressive Metal elements. The music is dark, cold and brooding, but at the same
time it is more melodic and atmospheric. They have pulled some influences from old
school European Black Metal and mixed it with some more modern American Black
Metal styles. I dig the kind of spastic vibe they have times which makes you feel like the
madness is engulfing you. At times it does sound chaotic and at others it is so well
constructed, almost like a controlled chaos. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Black
Metal growl style that almost reminded me of
AMON AMARTH mixed with
UNLEASHED & touches of HYPOCRISY. Why this band isn't bigger and more well
known is beyond me. These guys should be in every Metal fans music collection. Some
of the best Black Metal I have heard in a long time and surprisingly it comes from the
United States!!! An absolute must buy!!!