Sweden's WOLFBRIGADE are back with a crushing new release in the form of
"DAMNED". These guys have been kicking around the scene since 1995. They originally
started out under the name
WOLFPACK. They put out a few releases under that name
and now are known as
WOLFBRIGADE. They play a very harsh and raw sounding style
of Crust / Punk / Metal music. The music is really dirty sounding and very noisy. They
have that old school Punk / Metal Crossover style that is covered with some angry Crust
music. I have been hearing a lot of bands playing this style of music lately and it takes me
back to the late 80's and early 90's when I was skateboarding and discovering a  lot of new
underground Metal and Punk bands. I was really getting into Crust back then to and I'm
glad to see there's amazing bands like
WOLFBRIGADE still playing this style. These
guys are one of the better bands out there now doing this too. If your like me and you like
your Punk & Metal mixed together and a bit dirty then check out