WORDS OF FAREWELL have been around since 2007 in one form or another and hail
from Germany. These guys are not your typical sounding Death Metal band. They do
play a Progressive style of Death Metal, but their sound is so well honed that they sound
way above the average band playing this style. In other words, they are one of the few
bands playing this style that's playing it very, very well. The songs are well structured and
thought out. They do have a more Modern Melodic style to their Death Metal, but it is so
well executed that you tend to not think of it that way. There are so many rapid change
ups, tempo changes and chord changes that at times you feel like your listening to a Power
/ Progressive Metal band. If they didn't have the faster more aggressive parts along with
the thick throaty Death growls, they would fit in with all the Progressive Metal bands on
SENSORY RECORDS label perfectly. I love bands like this that have a lot of variety
and know how to perform it properly.
WORDS OF FAREWELL turned out to be one of
my favorite bands I have reviewed this year. I have been playing this album over and over
again. This is a highly recommended band to check out and support!!!