Self Released

WOSLOM is yet another killer Thrash Metal band I've recently gotten for review. These
guys hail from Brazil and play shredding old school Thrash Metal music. The band has been
around since 1997 and have built a strong following over the years in their country. They put
out a few demo releases and finally their first full length "TIME TO RISE", which came out
in 2010. The band is hard at work hoping to get signed to a label for their next release. After
one listen to this release I find it hard to believe they are not already signed. They play a
mesh up of old school Bay Area Thrash mixed with German Thrash Metal all from the late
80-'s and early 90's. The crunchy guitar sound takes me back to the days of when Thrash
Metal ruled the airwaves. Their music has influences of
early MEGADETH of "KILLING IS MY BUSINESS..." era. The vocalist has a
mix of old
KREATOR mixed with early Dave Mustaine of MEGADETH. If WOSOLM
doesn't get signed soon I will be surprised, cause this is a killer Thrash release from start to
end & with it being out for a few years now, I'm sure a lot of people have heard it by now.
This is amazing Thrash Metal at it's finest! Buy this and Thrash it!!!