"INHALE THE VOID" is the debut release from Germany's WOUND. These guys got a
lot of praise from the demo release "CONFESS TO FILTH" and will gain much more from
this release. The band plays a dirty old school style of Death Metal music. The music has
a strong European Death Metal feel to it, with some slight American Death Metal touches.
These American Death Metal touches are more of a Mid West Death Metal feel that was
coming out in the mid '90's. The guitar sound is really gritty and has a bit of a Crust / Punk
feel to it that almost gives it that Crossover feel from the early '90's but with a German
Thrash touch. There is a bit of that D.I.Y. Punk / Death Metal feel to the arrangements of
most of the songs and the way the groove flows through them. The harshness and rawness
of their sound is what really gives it that old school Death Metal feel. The vocals are a
blend of mid ranged Death growls with lower more groggy sounding Death / Black Metal
type growls. I really felt like I stepped back in time and was in the early '90's doing all the
tape trading with bands from all over the world.
WOUND is a crushing new band on the
scene, playing a killer old school style of Death Metal. There are a lot of new bands in the
scene going back to this old style and I love it. Especially when someone does it as well as
WOUND. Every old school Death Metal fan must have this in their collection. This is one
you want to blast loud and often! Get