"LEADING THE BLIND" is the debut EP release from France's YEARS OF TYRANTS.
These guys come firing right out the gate with "Stronger Than All" and never let up until the
last track "Of Those Who Wasted It All".
YEARS OF TYRANTS play a very technical
style of Deathcore music. Their music has a ton of breakdowns, stop and starts and tempo
change ups. The dueling guitar work of Jordy Deregnaucourt & Benoit Peichert is simply
amazing. These guys throw tons of complex riffing at each other and they fight beck with
something more fierce and intricate each time. Although the majority of the music is brutal
and heavy Deathcore they do mix in some more melodic and atmospheric Metalcore parts
from time to time. I loved how they will go from an all out spastic and heavily involved
blasting part straight into a stop, then bring you around with some odd tempo changes and
twists and then throw you right back into the madness. The vocals are done in a mid ranged
Death growl style with some chant along growls as well. These guys may have not created
the Deathcore style of music, but after one listen to this album, you will believe that they
have perfected! One of the best debut releases I have heard in a long time. I hope these guys
keep putting out killer albums like this for many years to come. They will surely be at the
top of the Deathcore genre in no time!