13TH HOUR   (The World's Finest Haunt, Attraction, Costume & Technology Magazine)

ALTERNATIVE*   (Metal, Gothic & Alternative Music E-Magazine)
ALTERNATIVE PRESS   (American Music Magazine Covering All Forms Of Alternative Music)

BEYOND   (Rock 'N' Metal Webzine From Belgium)
BLABBER MOUTH   (Up To The Minute Updates On All Things Rock And Metal)
BLACKTOP SMASH   (Music Webzine From Kentucky, USA Covering Everything From Metal To Country)
BLENDER   (Music Magazine Put Out By Maxim Magazine Covering All Forms Of Music & Lots More)
BORN TO DIE   (Metal Webzine From Poland)
BREATH FRESHER*   (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Webzine From Japan)
BRUTALITY REPORT   (Metal & Adult Webzine, Proudly Pissing Off Posers Of This Planet Since 1998)

CHRONICLES OF CHAOS   (Extreme Music Webzine Online Since 1995)
COOL BEANS!   (A Zine That Has Been Worshipping The Absurd Since 1993!)
CORROSION*   (Killer Metal Webzine Out Of Canada)
CRAVE MAGAZINE   (Your Guide To Extreme Culture)
CRUDE DUDE COMIX   (The Disgusting, Weird, Insane, Sleazy World Of Jose Gabriel Angeles)

DELIRIUM   (Cult, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Magazine Put Out By Full Moon)
DESTRUCTIVE MUSIC*   (Extreme Doom / Heavy / Thrash / Pagan / Folk Metal Zine From The United Kingdom)

ENSLAIN   (Killer Death / Black / Thrash & All Extreme Metal Print & Webzine From Finland)
EXPLICILY INTENSE   (The Authority On Metal & Rock Music)

FANGORIA   (America's Horror Magazine)
FEARS   (The Best In Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror)
FHM   (Men's Entertainment, Girls, Advice, Movies, Music & Video Games)
FOBIA*   (Underground Metal E-Zine Out Of Czech Republic)
FRAGMENTS*   (Fragments Of Ideas In Essays, Stories, Ideas, Quotes, Rants, Graphic Art & Photographs)
FRIGHT TIMES   (Haunted House & Halloween Magazine)
FURIAS   (Metal Magazine Out Of Argentina)

GIRLS AND CORPSES   (The First Comedy Magazine About Death With Hot Babes)
GORE GRIND   (The Encyclopedia For All Things Gore Related)
GOTHIC BEAUTY   (Gothic Magazine Featuring Art, Music, Entertainment, Fashion & Lifestyles)

HEAVY METAL FORCES   (Japanese Heavy Metal & Hard Rock Fanzine)
HELL NOISE   (German Underground Metal Zine From 2002-2007)
HIGHWIRE DAZE   (Los Angeles, California Based Magazine Covering Metal, Hardcore, Punk & More)
HORROR HOUND   (The Best Horror Magazine Covering Every Aspect Of Horror)

INSIDE ART   (World Full Of Scum: The Art Of Jenz Dieckmann)
INTERMIXX   (Independent Music Magazine)

JUXTAPOZ   (Art & Culture Magazine)

LEPROZY*   (French Metal Webzine Since 1998)
LORDS OF METAL   (Monthly Metal Webzine Based Out Of The Netherlands)

MAELSTROM*   (Underground Metal Webzine Based Out Of California)
MAXIM   (Men's Entertainment Magazine With Hot Girls, Movies, Music, Video Games & Lots More)
METAL BITE   (Metal Magazine That's The Ultimate Resource For Every Metal Fan)
METAL CORE   (Metal Fanzine Out Of New Jersey Supporting The Scene Since 1986)
METAL DEVASTATION*   (Underground Death Metal Webzine)
METAL MACHINE   (The Place Where Heavy Metal & Pop Culture Meet)
METAL MANIACS   (Killer Magazine & Webzine Supporting The Metal Scene Since 1989)
METAL MAYHEM U.K.   (Killer Metal  Webzine Based Out Of The U.K.)
METAL MESSAGE*   (Extreme Underground Metal Webzine)
MONKEY MAG   (Free Weekly Men's Magazine With Girls, Movies, Music, Video Games & Lots More)
MOVEMENT (Free Music, Art & Culture Magazine Out Of Jacksonville, Florida USA)
MUSIC EXTREME   (Virtual Magazine For All Forms Of Extreme Music)

NIHILISTIC   (Death Metal Webzine Out Of France)
NUCLEAR ABOMINATIONS   (Underground Webzine Dedicated To All Sick, Dismal & Extreme Music Forms)

ORIGIVATION   (Monthly Music Magazine Covering The Philadelphia Local Scene & National Scenes)

PASSIONAL   (The Art Of Decadence, Corsets, Fashion & Passion)
PAYING IN PAIN   (A Very Cool Skateboarding Webzine)
PENNSYLVANIAN MUSICIAN   (Magazine Covering Everything In The Pennsylvania Music Scene)
PLAYSTATION   (Official Magazine For All Playstation Gaming Systems)
POSSESSED   (Death Metal & Other Shit Webzine)

RAZOR CAKE   (DIY Non-Profit Punk Rock Fanzine)
REVOLVER   (The World's Loudest Rock Magazine)
ROCK METAL BANDS*    (Webzine Dedicated To The Extreme Metal Underground)
ROCK SOUND   (Rock Magazine Where You Can Find New Music First)

SCARS   (Independent Horror & Music Magazine out of Rhode Island)
SCREAM   (The U.K.'s #1 Horror Entertainment Magazine)
SCREEM   (A Cool Horror Magazine Out Of Pennsylvania)
SEWER   (Extreme Metal Zine From Athens, Greece)
SHRINE OF ECHOES   (Extreme Metal Webzine)

TERRORIZER   (Killer Extreme Metal Magazine Out Of The U.K.)
THE ZONE   (Webzine Covering All Things Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy & Mystery)
THRASHER   (Killer Skateboard Magazine)
THRONE OF BLOOD*   (Philippine Extreme Metal Webzine)
THUNDER GOD   (Metal Webzine Out Of Brasil)
TRUST   (German Hardcore Fanzine Since 1986)

ULTRA VIOLENT MAGAZINE   (Horror & Exploitation Cinema)

VAMPIRIA*   (Extreme Metal Webzine Out Of Spain)