Starring: Adam Stuart, Alissa Koenig, Jim Hazelton, Kristi Pearce, Jonathan Badeen & more.

A small group of rebels have discovered that the Zombie population has grown to large mounts and
they are breeding humans for consumption. They start making plans to rid the planet of the flesh
eating undead monsters for good. The humans are forced to live in small refuge camps on the fringes
of civilization. Once they gather enough people they head out to destroy all the undead. The
zombies attack them and violence ensues. The movie is very low budget, which is obvious, but it
still had a lot of decent Zombie makeup effects and lots of gore. Not one of the best Zombie films
ever made, but still a decent film as far as Zombies go. This is one for die hard Zombie fans, but
your average Horror fan won't enjoy this as much.