Hailing from Mexico in 2009 comes the Death Metal monster known as
ZOMBIEFICATION. This band is a two man Death Metal project. From the bands name
and location I was expecting something a bit different. These guys are an extreme Death
Metal band, but most bands playing this style from Mexico are more on the edge of
Grindcore / Porno Grind or straight out Death Grind. The band has a more old school Death
metal style that merges with Thrash Metal music. It reminds me of some of the bands that
were coming out when Thrash Metal was morphing into Death Metal, so there were some
really cool Crossover bands. The music is heavy enough to be considered Death Metal the
guitar arrangements and riffs is where a lot of the Thrash Metal  comes into play. The other
things is the vocals. Sometimes they are straight up Death growls, other times they are
melodic Thrash and then at times they are a combination of both.
really unique sounding band that both fans of Thrash & Death Metal will end up really
liking. I have been blasting this album over and over ever since I got it. Check these guys
out cause they deserve attention and much support!