Starring: Jenica Garcia, Courtney S Bunbury, Randy Clarke, J. Teddy Garces, Jamel Scott & more.

Why? Why? Why? I don't know why
LIONS GATE FILMS would release something like this
film. I know they are known for releasing low budget horror films, but this was below them. This
wouldn't even be good for
TROMA to put out. The film is about a woman who works on the
docks & is harassed by the guys she works with & is also attacked by Zombiez. The acting, story,
dialogue, make up, locations, shooting & anything else you can think of are all really, really bad. I
have nothing against low budget films, but when your trying to be like a major film & fail
measurably it has to be said. This was like watching a terrible child's play shot on home video. Do
yourself a favor & avoid this film, there are much better Zombie films out there, be careful though
cause there are also a lot more bad ones out there too!!!